Vega began her art studies in 1997 at the Julio Arraga School of Art, and later at the Neptalí Rincón Academy of Art, both in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She is an artist who became a fashion designer who came to explore the fibers and shadows of every single art piece she creates. Her degree in Experimental Graphics gave the right tools to explore the stamping from paper to canvas.
Lisu continues with experimentation workshops in graphic arts and art restoration. Her work has been presented at national and international art exhibitions in Venezuela, Belgium, Russia and the United States. Since 1999, the sustainable art is a reflection of the exploration of all recycled fabrics, ropes, photography and different materials. She creates art installations with the rest of the materials from the ready to wear. Vega feels committed to the environment and nothing is wasted in her fashion and art.
Vega uses the rope and the fabrics as a vein that crosses the body, like a brush that is drawn on the canvas, like an indigenous textile that expresses a joy when inheriting the manual work of my ancestors.
In 2019, Vega was selected in one of the most prestigious fashion art exhibitions: Innovative Costume of the 21 century: The Next Generation. Bakhrushin Museum.  Moscow – Russia.



Before Vega started her career as a Fashion Designer, she began by exploring every aspect and technique in the world of art. Her degree in Experimental Graphic gave her the right tools to explore stamping from the paper to the fabrics. Every collection is a reflection from recyclable items, photography, collages of pictures, to finally allowing herself to create her very own fabrics by transferring her unique prints into the fabric, making her pieces one of a kind.

During the years Vega has been in the fashion industry for years, her objective is clear: She wants to dress women with versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched. At the same time deliver simplicity while also keeping in mind that women are all different from professionals to mothers and wants them to be comfortable on an everyday basis. Before Vega starts any collection she digs deep into her emotions to help create these unique pieces for RTW.

In the year 2000, Vega’s career started in her hometown of Maracaibo, Venezuela where she has been featured internationally from Dominican Republic Fashion Week to Jamaica the Collection Moda. She made her national debut in the United States in 2010. Since then, her collection has hit runways from Tulsa Fashion Week Salon Lexus, to Miami Fashion Week, and the infamous New York Fashion Week.

Vega also won the competition for designing uniforms for Eastern airline in 2014, and has remained onboard as Head Designer. Her notoriety has been undeniable, being featured in many editorials and publications for the passion she brings to all of her designs. Her collections are currently selling in Panama, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic , Jamaica, Miami, and Atlanta just to name a few.