MOS. Museum of Sustainability

Crochet of recycled rope irregular connections  

Mos – Museum of Sustainability 
Miami – 2019

The Museum of Sustainability, an art installation and marketplace focused on sustainable fashion, is popping up at The Citadel during Fashion Revolution Week. Curated by Las Project, the pop-up will feature art installations from Miami-based artists Juan Requena, Bernadette Despujols, Rafael Rangel, Christin Paige, Lisu Vega, Aurora Molina and Laura Mash.

DEEP SOUL Installation

The use of hats as a decontextualized second skin or layers that averlap to provoke a organic composition. Likewise the projection of the hats shadow creates a sculptural piece rich in a multiplying graphic states, an inmersive installation of hats created from the Sustainability in art.

Hats donated by Dorcam – Doral Museum for the artist Lisu Vega, doing a tribute to Nela Arias Misson.