Pinta Art Fair 2019


Lisu Vega is a multidisciplinary artist working with sculpture, installation, and fashion.

Her work explores issues such as sustainability, migration, memory and identity. For a long time, she has studied the relationship between fiber and the human body as an expression vehicle. She has found in weaving a vehicle to connect with her memories and her ancestors. In her most recent work, that connection guides Lisu’s hands to weave the rope into sustainable contemporary art pieces, that expand into the space in a playful, sometimes mysterious, combination of shapes and shadows. This intensive physical nature of the work serves as a catalyst to her emotions of loss for what has been inevitably left behind, simultaneously creating a bridge to her past and a strong message of hope for the future. In partnership with Dr. Aroma, the installations El Nido and The Skin feature an olfactory element with fragrances such as Nostalgia and Lemongrass, evoking memories and creating a personal connection to the work.

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